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Pastor Clark and Pastor Tim believe that God uses the preaching of His Word to call His people to repentance, renewal and rejoicing. We believe the Scriptures are essential to the life of Living Hope so expository preaching has a central place in our corporate worship. The authority of preaching is found in authoritative Word of God. We believe that God uses the systematic preaching through various books of the Bible to establish and extend His authority. Our pastors strive by God’s grace to prepare their sermons prayerfully and diligently seeking to bring the grammatical historical truths of the texts to the attention of the listeners in a practical, relevant way. The sermons are posted here to be used as appropriate: catch a sermon that was missed, as a mid-week review, or to pass along to others in order to encourage them. May God richly bless His Word to the heart of the hearer!

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Preacher: Clark H. Brooking (40), Tim Flora (21), Jeff Corbett (5), Mark Bube (1), Justin Parke (1), Daniel J. Halley (1).
Book: Genesis (3), Exodus (1), Ezra (1), Esther (1), Psalm (1), Matthew (2), Mark (1), Luke (2), John (13), Acts (43), Romans (1), 1 Corinthians (1), Philippians (1), Colossians (1), 1 Timothy (1).
Series: Topical Sermons (1), Christmas (2), Acts of the Apostles (43), Gospel of John (13), Off Series (10).
Service: Sunday Morning (67), Christmas (1), Ordination (1).
Date: 2018 (49), 2019 (20)
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A Smorgasbord of Christian Virtues
Acts 21:1-16
Clark H. Brooking
2019 May 19 (Sunday Morning).
A Safe Path through Storms ahead
Acts 20:13-38
Clark H. Brooking
2019 May 12 (Sunday Morning).
Paul Approaches His Endgame
Acts 20:1-12
Tim Flora
2019 May 5 (Sunday Morning).
Riot in Ephesus
Acts 19:21-41
Clark H. Brooking
2019 April 28 (Sunday Morning).
Raised With Jesus
Colossians 3:1-4
Clark H. Brooking
2019 April 21 (Sunday Morning).
Church Growth: Buckle up for a Bumpy Ride
Acts 19:8-20
Tim Flora
2019 April 14 (Sunday Morning).
Living as God's Redeemed People
Matthew 22:34-40
Jeff Corbett
2019 April 7 (Sunday Morning).
John's Baptism, Jesus and the Spirit
Acts 19:1-10
Clark H. Brooking
2019 March 31 (Sunday Morning).
Come Near
Genesis 44:14-45:15
Mark Bube
2019 March 24 (Sunday Morning).
Between the Journeys
Acts 18:18-28
Clark H. Brooking
2019 March 17 (Sunday Morning).