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Contact-Us Quick Reference: 443-487-4400 email pastor Clark email Cheryl, the DCM schedule a meeting with Clark on doodle find us on facebook


Because we do not have a building with a full time office, we use the Toktumi automated phone service to route calls.  If nobody answers, please leave a detailed message and we will contact you as soon as we can.


Doodle is a service that allows multiple people to find a mutually agreeable time to meet.  It is a scheduling service.  Within doodle is a feature that allows the pastor to make himself available for meetings.  Think of it as “office hours” for a guy without an office.  Doodle is aware of Clark’s schedule and shows open slots.  There is a possibility that a time that appears available is no longer available, so please enter two or three options and almost certainly one of them will work.  Clark looks forward to meeting with you.


Our Facebook page is principally meant to be an internal clearinghouse, a place where members and friends can share photos and such.  It is not ‘checked’ as regularly as other points of contact, so please allow a little extra time if you decide to contact us that way.

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