fishing togetherNobody walks with Christ and walks alone.  He is with you, but so is His people, the church. Jesus never intended for you to try to grow on your own. A strong fellowship with other Christians is essential to your spiritual health and growth.  Not only do strong Christian friendships offer  support, encouragement and accountability, they also offer a lot of fun.  There is no doubt that those who seek to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.  Suffering is the lot of the Christian.  But that suffering comes at the hands of the flesh, the world and the devil.  In a community that knows Christ together, and seeks his kingdom together, we find joy and comfort.  The Christian life, though full of suffering, is not full of misery.  It is the only life where true joy can be had.  And we strive to encourage that wherever we can.

kid in a kayak

We foster that community in a number of ways.  We have occasional church luncheons after the worship service.  There are also smaller get-togethers that occur on a regular basis.  For instance, a couple of groups of ladies gets together weekly to pray. Another gets together for a Bible study.  And we have small home fellowship groups that meet a couple of times each month.  These are small gatherings where we enjoy a pot-luck meal and some social time together.  Then we open the scriptures and talk about them.  There’s no ‘homework’.  It’s just a time to consider, as a group, what the Bible.  Then we pray for one another. These are only some of the planned social events. We also have many unplanned, impromptu gatherings.

We also get the children involved in building solid Christian friendships.  We have a youth group.  But we also occasionally put together some fun event for a Sunday School classes, or age-range oriented events for the kids.  Once in a while, we’ll also put together a family event, such as a ski trip.

Everyone seems to notice the welcoming ‘family feel’ of our church. And while we do try to encourage it, it just seems to come naturally at Living Hope.  Come see for yourself. Come join the family!